HealthInvestor property update: Investing in the primary care estate

September 28, 2017

Get up to date on the major issues facing primary care property investment.  Understand how the market can react to help address the challenges it faces. The event will analyse the investment opportunities in the primary care market, and consider how the evolution of primary care within a changing healthcare system will impact the investment proposition. Experts from the worlds of finance, property and primary care will debate the keys challenges facing the sector and predict how the market is likely to evolve over the next decade.

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HealthInvestor Summit 2017

November 2, 2017

The HealthInvestor Summit will feature forensic analysis and spiky debate from chief executives, investors, financiers and market analysts. The event will also provide multiple opportunities for high-level networking, allowing attendees to gauge market activity, identify the emerging trends in the marketplace and debate the major challenges facing the health and social care sector.

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HealthInvestor Midlands focus: Investment opportunities and challenges for the Midlands care market

November 7, 2017

HealthInvestor Midlands Focus will consider investment appetite for care assets in the region. By analysing the local demographic trends, commissioner attitudes and regulatory priorities, this half-day conference will study key areas of activity in the Midlands and discuss how operators can flourish in a challenging environment.

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HealthInvestor Power Fifty 2017

November 22, 2017

The Power Fifty is an annual gala dinner attracting over 300 of the independent healthcare industry’s leading figures to hear who HealthInvestors readers have voted as the most influential person in the independent healthcare sector over 2017.

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